Sunday, July 10, 2011


On the last morning of our stay in Assos on the Aegean, I finally got a few moments to swim in the sea. The conference was over, we packed our bags, and headed to the beach for a bit. Papa held the baby while I dove into the sea. And then I dove again and again and again. 4 times, for each day we were there. (Although we were there for 5 days :), and if I knew what I was doing, I would have dove a 5th time) I could have dove in all day long.  Entering into the sea, just as your finger tips hit the water, your eyes see one kind of blue and then the sandy/rocky floor, flickering shadows and beams from the sun and waves, and then the most crystal clear blue water ever.

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  1. I been around the sea my whole life, lived on a boat, nearly raised on a beach and I've NEVER dove head first into water. Crazy, huh? Some strange fear. You make it sound so wonderful, with the fingertips touching slightly first.
    What an awesome experience.

  2. The water was sooooo clear, I was able to find the courage!


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