Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snapshots around Assos

Sturdy, double brick wall. Well insulated.

Lesbos Greek Island in the distance. Assos Valley, Turkey in the forefront. I was taking a picture of the boat going up Dardanelles Strait.

Not the tightest hairpin turn on the road, but one that was in my view.

This guy found the perfect place to nap.

Looking down market street.

The Philosophy conference reception was held up here. Aristotle Academia was down below, (hence the biannual conference in Assos.)

Flowers on a window sill.

Common flowering tree/shrub around Kadirga, but I am still trying to figure out its name.

Happy shell people.


  1. It seems that I am learning and traveling across the world. And I love it. I have never been is such interesting places. My biggest dream is to see a little bit of world. Meanwhile I am on Lesbos Greek Island which is very beautiful place to be. And I am a little bit jealous of a guy who found such a nice place to have a nap.

    I wish I could go to the street market. I would have a good time there.

    Great pictures. I enjoyed them very much!!!!!

  2. Been there, but so long ago. So great to see it again. Safe travels and have a blast. Thanks for sharing.


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