Thursday, September 29, 2011

Character builds character


I have to tell you, I am completely shocked (about the concrete step estimate I called for the other day). One too many 0's. I was ball parking 500ish, hoping for $300 and not $1000.00.

How could it be?

I rationalized that since a concrete slab for a sidewalk runs around $300.00, I figured a step may be a bit more then that, due to the step. BUT 3400.00????

I rationalized that I MYSELF just dug up a concrete patio. Yeah, it was mostly already broken, but still. And I hauled it to the front. Since I did this myself, I assumed the steps couldn't cost that much to bust out.  I wasn't sure if they could bust out the steps and leave the sides intact, or if the sides would come down too (the quote says the sides would stay-impressive I thought). Leveling the area so the water doesn't flow into the basement or back into the step would require skills, so add a few hundred here. And the mold for the steps had to be made. BUT 3400 dollars??? I think not.

A quote like this surely requires another quote. And this will be the first time I have ever done that. I have had chimney work, insulation work and a bathroom remodel, some painting and window replacements  And the first quote I received for each project was reasonable and in my range for what I wanted to pay for that kind of work. And I liked the contractors. I met with them and they discussed the work. There were no surprises with either the estimate OR the work done.  I also got a quote and very long demo on window replacements. I passed on that one.

But this quote for concrete work ... way out of my range.

I am sure the contractor does quality work (I didn't meet him, he swung by while I was at work). Unfortunately he included carpentry work for a wood frame around the door (mine is rotted) and he included work for a gutter on the overhang. BUT still, 3400.00? I wish the quote was broken down for each project. 

I am now sure that the cracked steps adds character to my 100 year old home. On to the pea gravel order.

Am I way off on my guesstimate (apparently so...but) has anyone had concrete work done before? Does this estimate sound reasonable?

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  1. I can't say if it is a fair price - only that any estimate we ever got done during our last renovation always seemed to be £1100. Ask for a breakdown of the costs and get a 2nd estimate. Hard, I know. Hugs xx


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