Monday, September 26, 2011

Backyard progress weekend #3

THIS PILE (deja vu ... we had the same looking pile of rubble from weekend #1 that was hauled to the front by the nanny's bfriend); at the end of weekend #2 I was wondering if some kind person would come along and remove the 2nd pile of rubble.)

Now resides in the front of the house, again.

Thanks to my new** red wheelbarrow and MY AWESOME 8 year old, for pushing the wheel barrow back and forth ... all BEFORE breakfast (he has always wanted me to get a wheelbarrow, and I think he had fun, for the first few hauls) . While I loaded and unloaded the pieces into/outof the wheelbarrow AND transported the red bucket filled with little pieces. Hmmm about 8 times.  That was some feel good stuff, first thing in the morning. Now we just need to remove the concrete that was underneath our 2nd last pile, somewhere in the vicinity of all those little scattered rocks and the fence line and the bucket in this picture.

And a little recap on the backyard progress
May 2011

oops, a little over growth 7/2011

oops, completely neglected 9/2011

re-dug and a little pile of rubble 9/2011

watch the concrete piles accumulate 9/2011


And today, 9/26/11. With the exception of the small patch of concrete slab left to remove (by the orange bucket), all the other dirt has been turned over and, I have determined, "rakeable". A lot of rocks and concrete did breakdown into little pieces and I want to level it with the idea that it will provide a firmer ground for the pea gravel. ** The black wheel barrow which was also new, broke weekend #1. Yes, I knew it was merely for weeds and light gardening, and not landscaping and rubble, but we used it for hauling the slabs regardless. Luckily it's still useable for light gardening and holding leftover rocks.
concrete pile gone, again

And now the pea gravel patio is a bit on hold because of subconscious and this BIG ole ugly crack in the concrete steps that lead to the basement door.

Isn't that a beauty! I tried to ignore it, but my subconscious kept bugging me and telling me I ought to at least INVESTIGATE the cost of fixing this.

Ring, ring ... I decide to call a contractor to get an estimate, BEFORE hauling in all the pea gravel and quarry rocks and then getting that feeling that I SHOULD have maybe dealt with this. BUT, I don't want to lose my momentum and desire and have to WAIT for a call back and then an appointment for an estimate and then .... LOVE a contractor who returns your call within ten minutes. I should have an estimate by the end of the week.

After we did the early morning hauling and re-assessing, it was time to get pretty and visit a couple of museums. Off to a city mildly more exciting then the one I live in. 2 museums, Anthropologie for adults (well, me), and The Science Museum for kids (and me too, I love seeing my kids having fun).

Yep, I consider a stroll through an Anthropologie store as good as a museum. The way the store is styled and and displayed, oh soooo inspiring.


  1. i can't wait to see the final product!

  2. A contractor who actually called you back!!! I need his number!!
    You will get there - i see you here, sitting out in the sun, sipping a nice cool something, and knitting :)


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