Friday, September 30, 2011

Month of September

It was not all digging and hauling! Other on goings in the month of September while building the patio

Yes, my Cosmos finally bloomed!

Luc the pug had/has a horrible itch and he cant stop scratching himself. So much that he makes himself bleed. Its difficult to walk him as he drags his body across the sidewalks, in hopes of relieving his itch. It so sad to watch him. Off to the vet we went. Allergies. He is put on a triad of medicine. Finally some relief. But as the cortisone pills end, his itch and discomfort returns. The antihistamine pills are offering no relief. sigh.

Willie the cat took a turn for the worse and died. He was diagnosed w/ a fist sized tumor back in Feb. Vet was sure he would die any time. Willie didn't seem like he was in any sort of pain, other then losing weight, constantly hungry/begging for food. So we fed him every time he asked and let him live out his days. 7 months later, I noticed him slowly ease himself down into a laying position and he was clearly in pain. We made an appointment for him and spent the weekend with him at home. His food cravings and begging had mellowed. He became calm and serene. He got lots of salmon and pets and love. He was buried and a Cleveland Pear Tree was put up in memory of our furry friend. 13 yrs.

Chaz started 4th grade. And soccer. And violin. We met the teacher. We met the soccer coach. And we reunited with the violin teacher.

Lucy ... well She loves moving things around and making creations with dog food, cat food and water. She is learning new words everyday - "ankyou", "clap", "up", "all done", "apple", "elmo". To note, her first word @ 10months was "hereyougo". This is still her favourite and most used phrase. "hereyougo" means Here you go. (regular voice, passing me something). "HEREYOUGO" - hurry up and pass/give me that. "hereyougohereyougohereyougo" - give me my pacifier, where is my pacifier. hurry up i need my pacifier.  She can point to her nose, hair, head, mouth, feet, elbow and ears.

And the thing that amazes me the most, is how she understands SOOOOO Much. She can almost do anything you ask. "Why dont you wash the windows?" (pretend stuff, you know. She is carrying around a cloth and looks like she wants something to do).  AND She goes over to a window and starts scrubbing it with a cloth. How does she know this?!!!? She has never seen me wash a window. Never. I have never washed a window in my house. Amazing stuff.

Sun (papa) started a new job in the US and moved overseas to join us.

The other two cats, have been low key (thank goodness) and enjoying the fall weather.

Work related stuff: The big product delivery due date came. This meant oodles of last minute product testing.  This also means the end of contract date is approaching. Waiting to see if the one year extension is renewed.

And facebook. How am I to keep up with all those changes.

House stuff

The halfbath wallpaper arrived! The electrician for the dining room light and two other plugs is expected end of Sept; Call in to landscaping company for an estimate on the crack in concrete steps. Scratch that. Too expensive.; Call in to other contractor for window replacement (5) quote and vestibule floor and wall cracks and kitchen reno discussion. Yep, I may have found the tile for the kitchen!


  1. Poor pug. I hope happier days come. My dog gets so miserable with an itch or cut.

  2. busy month, gracious!!! sad about the kitty though :(:(


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