Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moseying along

Things are quiet, but not idle over here.  Amidst the creative process of kitchen renovation and putting the house together.  WAITING for the rebuild to take place and am SO anxious to do some organizing and decorating, but am somehow paralyzed at tackling any other room until some progress happens in the kitchen.  Ready to display my plates and other objects, pretty things to catch my eye while glancing around ... will be a nice change from seeing holes in the walls and dark, dirty looking sub-floors.

Pie plate via Anthropologie

 Ready to buy and spruce up the hard labor with pleasantries but stopping myself just before the send button. Thank goodness for online window shopping and bookmarking

Butterfly chairs via
Amidst the creative process; the waiting and working and planning while things fall into place. Yesterday I was nodding in agreement while reading a post on the The Improvised Life blog. The middle of the project, before things fall into place.  I am there. I have been there. This is real. A year long kitchen renovation.

slow and steady, actually, too slow, but where is all my energy.
The tile arrived last week and we carried the thirteen boxes into the living room. The contractor went on a holiday and will be working with me as soon as he returns!  While the kitchen waits, I worked in the backyard. Hauled a few buckets of pea gravel, filling in around the stones.

Sorting stones and testing water flow in the dry stream bed.

Online research and deciding on some plants and trees and shrubs for landscaping, then driving around and not able to find them.  Picked up a few organic tomato plants and mushroom compost and planted them near the random chamomile. Some progress; some thwarted plans and more research to do.

 In some ways this is my pace, slow and steady. And it is a good time to have this moseying pace as we are busy with BBQ's and extra curricular activities ending and beginning, our crossover season. Violin and swimming ending, Baseball and soccer starting.  I suppose I should appreciate this renovation pace at the moment. Lay down and enjoy the warmth.
enjoying the warmth from the stones

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