Sunday, June 10, 2012

La Serviette

Dirt still under my fingernails, napping child, occupied boy with friends, lawn cut and approximately an hour of alone time I tap into my inner creative side and launch into the sewing machine.

A yard of this cotton, poly, linen blend, a couple frayed edges and a couple hemmed edges and I now have a curtain for the half bath and serviettes for the table.

Perfectly frayed edges.

1/2 yard gets me 2 adult size napkins and 3 kid size.

Now, what to make for dinner. Perhaps take out.

Disclaimer & notes:
1) I am unsure whether serviette is feminine or masculine, a half assed search indicates la. Feminine she is!
2) Once I find the hooks, somewhere in the house, Ill be able to install the bathroom curtain and post it
3) I love cotton/linen serviettes and pleased to add these to my collection. You can never have enough serviettes 
4) I don't own an iron. I gave it away when the bottom got gooky. Never replaced it. Although the linen table cloth may look better ironed, its overrated. 
5) My mom used to iron our underwear, and everything else.


  1. Hi Sara,

    I saw your comment on Joanna's site and am in the process of looking at your Turkey pics! We are going to Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Izmir (Ephesus). I would love to know if you did any tours, especially for Cappadocia. We're still in the process of booking hotels and debating if tours are worth it. If you could contact me through my blog (email listed), that would be so great! It's nice to get feedback from people who have gone.

  2. i seriously need to cultivate the talent (at some point) to use a sewing machine and to make things, it seems so satisfying :)

  3. haha.. my mom is the same way.. irons everything. we do need an iron for M's work shirts but that is the extent of our iron usage. i like the white plates


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