Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Babystyle - ♥

Lucy has been diaperless for over a month and has been having rockstar success using the toilet. Initially, multiple months ago, she stopped pooping in her diaper. Too dirty for her. She had to make the choice, diaper or toilet.  Eventually she started "putting her pee" in the toilet too. Although recently, she has started to hold her pee. Forever. Until its too late. She doesn't want to poop anymore (at all) so she holds everything in.  And she requests a diaper. But she doesn't release in the diaper either. She squirms and is uncomfortable and in a conundrum.  A bit of potty learning regression. Will see what happens.

Hat: knitted, vendor @ Hillside flea market
Heart Sweater: Joe Fresh sold @ Independent Grocery
Scarf: bought in Assos market, 2011
Cloth diaper: FuzziBunz® Pocket Diaper

Assessories: Elmo finger puppet

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  1. interesting! to be fair, i don't like poop either! (her sweater is really cute)


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