Monday, September 24, 2012

Soapstone slab

If Friday wasn't exciting enough for me (with the cabinet installation happening), early this Monday morning I received a call from the counter people and they had an 9am opening to come over to my home and make the counter template.  I jumped for joy, literally, 10 times, kids laughing at me.  Ooops to another missed day of work, Ill go in late.  This kitchen stuff is a priority right now. Kitchen reno started last Feb 2011. That's 1 entire year and 7 months.

Friday's work and Monday mornings' surprise meeting wrapped nicely around my birthday weekend. Yes, I take the whole weekend to celebrate.  My birthday, yesterday 9/23, also marks my 3rd year anniversary in this house. I signed the closing papers and received the keys on my birthday three years ago.  I was also 4 months pregnant.  Life and renovations are progressing nicely. I'm jumping out of my skin with anticipation of a working kitchen, excited to bake, tidy up, and polish counter.

Last week I went to the counter place to commit to my counter selection, choose my slab and pay the deposit.  I forgot to take pictures of my slab, but was able to get the sales person to forward me a few.

This is soapstone. This is MY slab, before it gets cut up.  I chose soapstone because I liked its smooth feel and soft look. Rock. Smooth, soft rock. Incongruity.   I liked its rustic look for my kitchen. Not so shiny and overdone.  The color gets darker over time, as one applies mineral oil to the surface.  For a waxy look, there is Almond wax.  I'm looking forward to applying the oil and rubbing over the surface and watching it get darker over time.

This rock is none porous and doesn't stain.  I like how it will look with the porcelain sink; Rock and Porcelain. Gray & White. More incongruity and contrast.

This counter commitment is bigger then I thought though. I have been looking at other houses while this kitchen reno has been going on.  Entirely out of frustration and in need of a better layout and perhaps an extra room. But once I put the deposit on this counter, the thoughts of selling have left my mind.  For a few years.

Happy Birthday to me.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your counters installed. We have really been considering them in our future kitchen.

  2. Very soon - I'll be sure to post about it! Thanks for leaving a comment.


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