Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 guys and a rock (aka soapstone counter)

And the counter is in!  Sink too!  Look at those beautiful edges and rounded corner.  The sink looks better installed then I imagined. The white and black contrast, great. One can plan and imagine, but never be sure that all will look good when its put together. At the permanent stage. Luckily/thankfully, I'm really excited about how its coming together, and secretly, phew!  12 hours later and the counter is still oily. Gotta wait a bit before I can hug it.

Two strapping  guys carried this large chunk of rock in, placed it on cabinets and fitted the cut out notch perfectly into that 5" "beam - not".  (Guy number three was my contractor. He installed the sink.)

Unpolished soapstone:

A notch cut out for the sink:

The pattern, not really a pattern:

AH, the cook top counter. It arrived with just a few triangles cut out. He then taped it up and cut out the hole. I got to keep the chunk, in case I want to make a side table.  They bring the rock to the location this way, to avoid breakage.

They applied the first coat of mineral oil. Optional. One can leave it untreated, or cover it in mineral oil or almond oil. Almond oil gives it a waxy look, which I kind of like, but I chose mineral oil for now. They left the bottle for me. When it dries up, reapply. As desired.

Three guys at work.

The counter, oiled. And a comparison shot against the floor.

And a sink. 15 days going up and down stairs with either a handful of dirty dishes or a handful of clean dishes. I was using the laundry sink in the basement and the washing machine as a drying rack. Laundry piled up. All is copasetic now. 

The sink is a drop in and merely rests on the counter. The metal piece below the sink is to support the cabinet, not hold the sink. A bit of silicone was used underneath the edge of sink, to protect the cabinet and keep water from sitting and possibly molding. A garbage disposal was also installed.

Here is where we left off yesterday evening. The stove in the middle of the kitchen, on the rug that we use to lug it around.   The stove fits into its cabinet. The cooktop sort of fits into its cutout. And what I mean by sort of, it doesn't but it will.

Now, what are the chances I will be able to bake a cake and host a sleep over for a boys 10th birthday. This is important stuff, you know.  And the big 10th is this Friday.  

The counters were a HUGE part of this kitchen reno, but here is a HUGE list of things still to do:
  • paint walls & trim
  • install trim (first, then paint).
  • toe kick
  • install drawers and fronts
  • pick out hardware
  • buy spice shelf, plate shelf
  • sort out wee, little problem about cook top NOT fitting on top of oven.
  • install panels (2)
  • install main beehive light
  • pick out and install task lighting
  • pick out and install dishwasher
  • install a couple of thresholds
  • paint bathroom sliding door, and basement door
  • eventually replace basement door with original historical type door.
  • install upper cabinets above fridge and prep area.
  • install microwave shelf above prep area.
  • build pantry
  • buy new camera. Rebel no longer working. (:

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