Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shout out: Blogs, links and independent shops

Doorsixteen is supporting and hosting a page for independent artists, designers and crafters for this holiday season shopping (Its her 6th year doing this). All the links to the independent shops are in the comments sections.  The image links directly to the post. The image is available for anyone to use and share. I suggest going over there and browsing through the unique and thoughtful offers. Oh yea, discounts listed as well!

I came across D16's post a few days ago, and clicked on several of the "vendors", fell in love with a wooden triangle ring from (of)matter and treated myself. I'm quick to make such decisions! Poking around her ETSY shop revealed some really sweet and shapely jewellery so I picked out some black triangle earrings and gold circle earrings, as well as the wooden ring.  Gifts for myself! They arrived yesterday (very quick processing&shipping) and were packaged lovingly in little boxes and bags.  They were met for my stocking but I was too curious and dug in and donned them. My little 2 year old thought it was very cool that I had triangles on my ears.

Look to the right of my posts and you will see an ETSY column which displays and links to unique ETSY shops; showing my most current & favourite items for gift ideas - lots of kids stuff, but some decorations & jewellery as well. See the wooden ring. Oh, so cool. The brass bar ring is also really neat.

And a bit of humour, Swissmiss recently posted about "Lid Sid", HA! Just what my new kitchen needs. Little people dangling over my pots, propping open the lid, releasing steam. Everyone needs that.

And dont forget LOCAL: After clicking on these links and any other gift guide links ... don't forget to turn OFF the computer, get off the chair, get OUTside and find your own local craft venue. Enjoy the hustle and bustle and ambiance of shopping your own local crafts sales. We are hitting our Plowshare Craft Fair this weekend.

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