Friday, November 9, 2012

the making of vanilla extract

Vanilla aroma. Yum.  Vanilla beans.  Funny.

Some bulk ordered spongy swing top jars... 

An interested assistant, slicing the beans in half. An another assistant, providing support.

And some bottom of the barrel shelf booze. Each bottle under 8 bucks!  40% alcohol, 30oz each.

Get in on it! Make your own vanilla!

It's not a new concept, been around for a long, long time. Been in the back of my mind for a fraction of the time. I really wanted to get my hands on some of those beans.   If it is a new idea for you click on some of the links below for more information.  This post isn't about a new thing, but it is a warning, that if you WANT to make vanilla extract for gifts (kids teachers?, parents?, siblings? mailperson?) you must start NOW. (last year we made candles)

I ordered 8oz bottles, so 10 beans per bottle (although I just realized I only put 5 beans / 8 oz. Thank goodness for writing about it and re-reading the FDA guidelines! I have lots of left over beans, so I'll stuff the bottles tonight, doing the math again and I was on the mark).

Direct from Beanilla via Lovely Morning"... official ratio for FDA quality single-fold vanilla extract. 5 beans for every 1 cup of vodka..."

My bottles are laying on their side so the tips of the beans get saturated as well. Who doesn't want to get saturated with bottom shelf booze.

Important notes gathered from the web:

** It takes 2 months to marinate (although you don't eat the beans in the end).

** Some big decisions to make: Madagascar, Tahitan or Mexican beans? Bourbon or Vodka base?

** Order your beans. Order your bottles.

** And decide between Bourbon or Vodka for the liquid base. Or do both,.

Check out this site, and this site or merely do a google search for DIY vanilla extract.    Make some vanilla syrup and you've got yourself a dual bottle gift.


Back to my bottles...
Just a few days later, and the vodka (clear liquid) is turning brown). I'll have to label the bottles to remember which ones are bourbon based.

p.s. I ordered my first batch of beans on amazon. When they arrived, the business card, Olive Nation, offered a 20% discount and I ordered a few more bags. Look at that ... coupons and advertising at work!

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