Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cozy gift ideas for the ... cozy kind of girl

Alright, lots of things I would like, and some I have even tried and can recommend!

1 - Small side table or plant holder from Urbanoutfitters. - I hve been eying this for a long time, and its a nice piece of furniture, solid.
2 - Floral curtains, to brighten the gray winter days, via Urbanoutfitters
3 - Sassy gloves via Urbanoutfitters. Furry lined, I just bought some for my sister.
4 - Trendy animal sweater @ Madewell
5 - Sorel Fernie suede slip on boots; so light and comfortable, my winter boots
6 - And some slip on Benison's for indoors.

7 - West Elm dutch oven, in Enamel Cast Iron
8 -  Cozy blanket, fireside, while eating your stew
9 - Cozy Paidrag slippers.
10 - Colouful, cool bear print. Hello Santa, Please!
11 & 12 -  And two hip pieces of jewellery from ofmatter, that I gifted myself but couldn't wait until Christmas morning to open them.

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