Monday, November 8, 2010

Can a list be motivational?

I dunno, but I am stuck.

I went to a Dharma Kids class yesterday and meditated for three minutes (I said KIDS dharma).  I need to clear my mind of the things I have to do and finish. Write it down and de-clutter my brain. And take up the practice of meditating And get back into yoga. The postulations we did made that very clear.
We were taught about offerings and that one can make offerings to their feelings. Such as, if you wake up angry, make an offering to the obstacle and be done with it.
Of course my kids were with me, it was a KIDS dharma lesson. But as the instructor pointed out, she thinks the adults get more out of the lesson then the kids!

Things to do:

  • Paint bathroom/buy paint/examine white colours
  • Hang mirror (need to purchase - Pottery Barn Oval)
  • Install vanity shelf
  • Buy wheat coloured bathmat
Orange room:
  • Apply one more coat of varnish
  • Finish painting walls (peacock blue)
  • Electrical (for Gary)
  • Decide best usage for new room.
Paint other rooms. Put together living room. Get wallpaper for half bath & try my hand at wallpapering. Then I'll have to paint the trim around the window, find a medicine cabinet, replace toilet (love my TOTO), tear out vinyl flooring which leads into the kitchen project.

While I take the time to declutter my brain with a list of things to do, my morning duties have piled up. Gotta run.

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