Thursday, November 18, 2010

Livingroom design board

Slowly putting my living room together, and creating an electronic idea board. The purple doily rug won. I bought it and it is in the mail.

photo source: anthropologie

I also bought a wooden chair that I have been eyeing, actually ogling is more like it, for, oh, a year+. It went on sale, half price. That is also in the mail. Free shipping on both, which is a huge incentive when shopping online.   I thought two of these wooden chairs would enhance my breakfast eating experience, but one is lovely too. 

Today I feel like I NEED to finish the painting projects. Actually I have felt like that for weeks, but I rely on my energy level to cue me to do it. That comes and goes and goes and goes. I WILL get the white paint this weekend. And I WILL paint the bathroom and the one wall in the living room.  Whites easy, all my cutting mistakes will go unnoticed.  I won't have an excuse to give up (like my blue peacock room). And apply the tape for grey stripes. Our weekend is free, no plans. Perfect for this kind of project. And end it with a Sunday afternoon family yoga session. I am beginning to convince myself, sounds like a divine weekend.

photo source: crateandbarrel

Once I rid myself of my current sofa (love/hate relationship), I will replace it with the Vaughn Sofa in menswear charcoal wool (great for constant shedding dog) and the lubi Olive daybed:

photo source: CB2

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