Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Half bath - inspiration

My work computer quietly died last week. I came to work one morning and the thing would not light up. I knew it was coming to its end, but it still died abruptly and without notice. I lost all my inspirational photos and links. All my bookmarks which included a 1000 pages of bathroom vanities, sinks, and medicine cabinets. So much research down the drain.  And Appendix E, some tedious work that I was doing and really do not want to redo. Luckily I have my photos, all the way back to 2002, backed up on an external harddrive.

I will have to eventually take the machine to a techno whiz geek in hopes of dissecting the machine, removing harddrive and getting my files off of it.

Along with the broken computer, I also wait to hear about my broken camera.

And while I wait to here back from my contract-her, who hopefully is not broken, concerning my 3 phase kitchen demo and reno plan I feel any direction this blog was taking has gone helter skelter.

BUT an IDEA arose... An inspiration post for my small bathroom that will be updated during the kitchen reno.

I want a funky but functional sink. I can go a bit larger then these two sinks, but I like their style. I LOVE the recessed shelf and sink idea. I wouldn't mind that except I wanted to avoid demolition in this area and I wasn't going to tile the wall... BUT I LOVE IT, so who knows. I like the extra surface area on the other sink. Both from Signature Hardware.

Some wallpaper on the top half, white paint on the bottom portion. Separated w/ a "chair" rail. Apparently I am leaning towards a blue bathroom. via Anthropologie

A Recessed Medicine Cabinet: The existing one is longer then it is high and has a sliding mirror.  I want one similar to this one, but not as dark (Signature Hardware).

I will replace the toilet w/ the dual flush Aquia II TOTO. I have this sleek toilet upstairs and am very pleased with it, both the design and functionality.

Flooring was going to continue in from the kitchen. I like texture and feeling with my feet so flooring has to be natural. Currently I am considering tumbled limestone. Just found this at Bourget Brothers, will return there shortly for some ideas!

Lighting - Not sure if I can fit in a pendant light, but I like this galvanized pendant from Barn Light Warehouse. If not this, I can surely use this wall hung light above the cabinet. 

Some fun things like a toilet paper holder, towel rack, first aid kit (I have this little first aid kit seen in the inspiration photo below and it is MUCH smaller then it appears!):

inspiration photos - source Remodelista

Oh ... This is looking sweet. I am inspired.

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