Monday, January 24, 2011

Warranties, cameras and some sea photos

Recently I had been wondering if my camera was broken or if my picture taking skills had diminished. We used to take better pictures, I am sure of it, so it cannot be lack of skills. As well, there is no warranty on my skills so I needed to find out if I had bought the warranty on the camera.
Luckily I did purchase the warranty. Even luckier that I inquired this past weekend on whether I actually did have a warranty. And if things can get luckier...well, luckily I purchased a 4 year warranty and still have a few more months left on it and didn't wonder about it while w. expired!

I had already wallowed in contemplation for a few months, wondering if it was the camera or me. Wait, it was 10 months ago! Last summer I busted the lens. I had leaned down with the camera dangling from my neck and didn't stop until the thud and crack of a lens. Luckily I had also purchased a reflector lens thingy that protected the actually lens from cracking.

I had made an attempt to find a paper copy of it a few months ago. I looked into my handy folder that contains every important document one can think of filing and putting in a safe place. Two lessons learned here: 1. All those highly important documents are super outdated, but not quite 7 years outdated. So I carry around this bulky folder system that can be reduced to one folder if we were not advised to hold onto such important documents for sooooo many years. 2. No sign of a warranty.

We were in Best Buy Friday evening, looking at fridges and pocket sized cameras. (Love it that my 8 year old has a keen interest in fridges and design.) And it occurred to me (its all in the timing!) to simply ask the attendant if I had a warranty, and lickety clickety split, I do.

I have the warranty and surely enough didn't waste a minute more. I ran home. Got the camera. Took a few token last pictures of my hockey-skating-star in practice then off to Best Buy to use the warranty. (This actually happened the next day as everyone knows little league hockey is forever scheduled before dawn on  Saturday mornings)

Now I wait, with bated breath, to hear the good fortune that the camera doesn't stand a chance of being fixed and that I need to come in and get its equal, but the much newer and better and zoomier model.

In the meantime, in this -15 F weather we have here, who wouldn't want to be here ....

Glimpses of the Mediterranean and Aegean
Bodrum, Sept 2003

Bodrum, Sept 2003

Side, Aug 2006

Side, AUg 2006

Ölüdeniz, Aug 2008

Ölüdeniz, kindof, Aug 2008

post script: If you purchase a camera that cost 250+ dollars, I highly recommend purchasing the warranty. I do not know the fate of my slr rebel xt camera as of yet, but previous to this camera, well maybe previous to a few others, the same situation happened... my broken camera was replaced with its equal which is always newer and better.

post post script: Go here, here and here to read and see more pictures of the sea,

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