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Travel - Bodrum, Turkey

In preparation for our upcoming trip to Istanbul, I thought I would put together some posts of our past trips, perhaps a mini travel guide. We have gone to Turkey numerous times. Our main destination is Istanbul, European side. After several trips to Istanbul, I needed to get away! A mini vacation. Bodrum was our first trip within a trip.

In August 2002 we took an overnight bus ride (a ferry ride and 10+ drive) to the Aegean-meets-the-Mediterranean town of Bodrum.

Accommodations: (I will come back with the name and a link...it was a long time ago!) We stayed in a hotel that was owned/recommended by a sketchy family acquaintance. That whole experience was strange, but probably the language barrier was the only shady thing going on. The hotel was beautiful. We cabbed it from bus station to hotel. Good idea as it was across town, up a hill and kind of hidden off a small road. The hotel had an inviting entrance, was very clean and accommodating. Beautiful views of the town. The only inside picture I have is one of the flower petals scattered in a heart shaped towel over the bed.
view from room

roof top view

roof top terrace



from hotel

from beach

from east side and up hill

must be from the trail

Accessibility to town: Our hotel was on the far east side of cove and away from the beach. I discovered a trail which joined two beaches and made for an easy hike to the action.

A Summer house:
This was the summer home of a family friend. It was not in use yet. The area could easily be developed by now, 8 years later.

Things to do:
Explore the Castle. Bodrum Castle built in the 15th century by the Crusaders. Complete with an inner castle, lots of stairs and rooms to explore and the museum of underwater archeology.  There were some beautiful artisan jewelery for sale inside as well, I bought three necklaces.

view from Castle

Stroll the boardwalk / eat al fresco: Each night we took a stroll along the board walk and chose a different patio restaurant for dessert. We always ordered the cheesecake and coffee.
Castle in background

Shopping:  A small market of Turkish goods.  Bodrum is for eating and partying and strolling! Take a walk through the square and head to the boardwalk. Save your shopping for elsewhere (or inside the castle, for some pretty necklaces)

Beach: Wear your flipflops, or water shoes...

yet beautiful

Find a boat tour at the international marina.

Relax at the water park: Yes relax there. Everywhere else is hopping! East side of cove, between beach and our hotel. Admittedly, we were there in late August and the tourist season was winding down.

yes, relax, noone was here!

Happening town. Spend time walking boardwalk and dining in restaurants. Boat tour not recommended for infants/nappers...very loud music/party scene. Tourist destination for eastern Europeans, Russian, Polish, French etc. (I mention this, as some of the other towns we have visited attracted tourists from different areas). The Turkish people LOVE babies, so any place we were was baby friendly w/ the exception of the boat tour. Baby friendly to me means, they are ogled over and best interest taken into consideration ... doesn't mean stroller accessible - lots of cobblestone. Rocky beach and remnants of a good party the night before are scattered throughout the beach (beer caps etc). I was happy to find a water park / swimming pool near the beach where we could finally relax and swim. (The hotel pool was more of a party scene too. As well, there was no shallow end (made it difficult to swim with baby)

To follow:
Side, Ankara, Cappadocia, Olu Deniz, Prince Islands, Polish Town, Bursa

**My apologies for me in so many pictures. These are the only photos I have, to show off the views of the town. :)
***It is a vague guide :), but if you have specific questions I may be able to answer.

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  1. The town look so beautiful and the view is great! Love this post and I will bookmark it for future if we visit one day:) The almost last photo..aww..so cute! happy Tuesday, darling


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