Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel - Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Destination: Ölüdeniz. The dead sea. Not The Dead Sea, the other one. Named thus because of its gentle waves, calmness.

This was part of our Aug 2008 little tour ... we arrived here by dolmus, via Fethiye, via a bus from Cappadocia, via Ankara, via Istanbul. It was worth it.

Accommodations: We arrived in town. Went directly to a patio restaurant to nourish ourselves.

Walked around, checked out a few hotels and picked this one, The Blue Star. Booking online usually gets you a better price, but for some reason we wanted to arrive in the town first. The Blue Star catered to the British folk. Rooms were large and comfy. The inner court yard had a pool, cabana area, bar, pool table and dining. The location was a few blocks from beach actually it was a few blocks in from every side. Centertown.

I would love a grape vine covering a patio pergola

I tend to wake early, sneak out of the room and go for a walk to explore the area. I find amusing things, such as last nights revelers:

I can assess the stores and restaurants, see which ones are worth returning too:

Just me and the dogs

dawn and an empty beach:

Things to do:

Of course, a boat ride is on the agenda. No marina, just docked at the beach:

Butterfly Valley: Luckily I have a reason to go back as we didn't get to Butterfly Valley. We were on a boat tour that was meant to make a stop there but for some reason we ended up on St Nicholas (yes, the real St Nick, they say) Island. Something about the winds and current kept us from the place I REALLY wanted to see. But I wasn't disappointed...

And Para gliding, if you dare. I didn't dare, I only stood on the landing pad to take pictures of the incoming.

There are many other things to do in this area, ancient rocks, the blue lagoon, dining alfresco, google and travel books are your friends. A truly hot and enjoyable destination.

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