Thursday, January 13, 2011

Traffic and weather

In Central New York we seem to get a good dumping of snow for a week each month. And then for the rest of the month it warms up. The snow melts. And then we get a deep freeze preparing us for the next months week of snow. At least this is the pattern thus far, this year.

We are on day 5 of snow in January. Not as much snow landing on the ground as December's Day 5 of snow. Nonetheless, lots of snow and the kids are having fun, (despite no "snow day").

I do not have any snow pictures to share; at least no CURRENT snow pictures.  But while searching through my photos (and reminiscing), I came up with this little collection.

Galata Tower

Traffic in Istanbul, looking down from Galata Tower. Imagine what happens when it snows here! Actually, similar to what happens in Washington D.C. or more currently, Alabama. Things shut down. Everything. Istanbul is very hilly and occasionally they get a snow storm. And naturally, they do not have any snow plows. Take note of the parking in my photo. Love it!

Traffic in my home, looking down in dining room. When my son was 2 - 3, he spent hours playing with his cars. We sat together and created a village and traffic.  There is a line up going through a McDonald's drive-thru. A round-about. A farm and a city. Fond memories. (Too bad I tossed that stunk, but now I think I should have kept it) If it snowed in this traffic, all would remain harmonious. He had a collection of snowplows to take care of the elements.

My son fondly remembers traffic in Istanbul. As we departed the airport and into a taxi, he would happily watch the cars ...  inhale exhaust (cough, cough), horns, screeching tires...cacophony at its best.

While walking on the sidewalks in Istanbul, he was firstly amazed, then shocked and then highly offended that motorcycles, when delayed by traffic, would just drive up on the sidewalk regardless of humans and continue their journey. Traffic, a minor inconvenience for them.

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