Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend projects

Days are longer, energy is bountiful.

Its time to unstick myself and complete some projects.

Transform side porch.
~Move toy bins to attic
~Vacuum, wash floor
~Move furniture around
~Move table to porch
Eventually move sofa to porch and move wicker furniture elsewhere. Get ticking fabric to cover sofa. Get muslim material to hang on three front windows.

Attic / Toys
~Downsize toys, combine into rubbermaid bins. Re-purpose baskets for other stuff.

Chaz Room
~Organize bookshelf

A few months ago we spray painted (GOLD of course), these two hooks. We even got them hung on the wall and one is working perfectly! The other fell off after an hour. Gotta get new and stronger double sided tape and get the 2nd one back up.

Hooks in boys room = easy hanging = less stuff on floor.

My room
~Move furniture around
~50% off mattresses at Sears until end of March. FINALLY purchase one.
~Make headboard - ref
~WestElm bed frame, currently on sale.
p.s. -bought queen size west elm frame and two sets of sheets. YAY. A day later, like right now, I am about to call them and change the order to kingsize. EEKS 
p.s.s waiting for delivery!

~Get to Lowes, Sears and BestBuy to check out these 2 Refrigerators:
* LG 19 cubic feet currently on sale ... cheapest @ Sears.
* Samsung 19 cubic ft currently on sale ... Lowes
See who will offer best deal; throw in a stove and Im done with kitchen for a while!
p.s.- lovely and informative sales person at sears was very helpful and advised I dont buy anything now, at the stage I am at, due to possible damage to fridge. Love the LG. Will get that one, soon.

Dining room
Hang frames in dining room using paper layout technique.
p.s. -Paper layout makes life so much easier. reference

Still to do
~call electrician, call west elm, hire babysitter, hang dining room light, refresh walls w/ white paint.

L-U-C-Y letters are complete; hang on her wall.

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