Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby style - Rock and Vintage

Dressed for a day trip to Ithaca and the Sciencecenter.

Styling: Rock and Vintage

shoes&socks: Old Navy - soft soled for learning to walk - converse look a likes, pink scattered with blue dinosaurs.
leggings: Gymboree - black ribbed leggings. Super soft.
shirt: H&M - Ramones band long sleeve tee - boys section - our go to store for everyday kids clothes
sweater: Hand made for L.. Love the yellow flowers and crocheted chunk knit.

colours: grey and yellow. love. And pink and blue shoes; besides intentionally worn to demystify any doubt of her gender, they are adorable - "those shoes are killing me"~quote from bypasser

rug:  Avanos, Turkey (Northeast of Cappadocia)


  1. What a cutie and I love that sweater:) Have a fantastic Monday, my dear

  2. Ps: Thank you for your amazing comment about adoption. Kisses, my dear


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