Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cotton castle

I am reminded of our trip to Pamukkale (Cotton castle) in 2008 after our recent visit to the local caverns.  The tour guide pointed out a tiny bit of some calcite, (calcium carbonate in its crystallize form).

Now check out this calcium carbonate:

Here are some pictures of our climb up the travertine:
the bus station

When you reach the top you can bathe in Cleopatra's pool of healing mineral waters.

And take some pictures of the sun setting.

The town of Pamukkale is tiny. Many people bus in, climb the travertine and bus out at night. In the tourist posters around Istanbul, they depict bathing in the travertine. This is no longer possible, (in an effort to preserve the historical site), but the place is amazing and worth the trip and you do get to walk through the waters. It took me several trips to Istanbul before I got to Pamukkale. Both Sun and his mom thought nothing of it. BUT once he was there, he was impressed as well.


  1. What a cool place!! The photos you took are awesome!

  2. Wow-simply gorgeous- too bad it is not possible to bathe in the waters anymore-

  3. Wow what an incredible place and the photos are fantastic! Hugs and kisses, sunshine

  4. We went on a 2 day excursion on Pamukkale. It exceeded our expectations and all the photos we took just don't do it justice. We had 2 hours free time which was spent walking barefoot down this amazing calcium waterfall feature and experience the warm to hot water rushing down over the walk way. It was also in an amazing wide river valley with views for miles around. The day we went it was cloudy but this made it look even more mysterious The way down was a bit slippery in places and can be hard on your feet, but the views made up for any discomfort. Some people went down in their swimwear and sat in the deeper pools for a while! It really did look like it was a glacier and should have been cold but was the opposite! For Christians, this is the sight of one of of the seven churches (Laodicia) and the Luke warm waters in the book of Revelations. It is also where the apostle Philip was martyred. A very memorable trip indeed!

  5. It is an amazing site. I did not know about the Christian connection. I had visited Istanbul several times and the photos of Pamukkale intrigued me, but it took several trips and a lot of convincing for my Turkish friend to agree to take us to the site. We were all impressed.


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