Monday, May 2, 2011

Luc the pug

Luc on the Ikea chair circa >2002
And his social network d├ębut.

Luc (say using the french pronunciation) the pug is featured over at Desire To Inspire today! Well, "featured" may be a stretch, I submitted his picture :).  (I wrote about Luc and his seizure here. He is in good health and has had no other seizures.)

Luc on the flokati

Luc on the ... turkish kilim pillow ... on the Philip Van leeuwen sofa

Luc on the Pier 1 Wicker
And Luc in the bed

Check him out along with a bunch of other furry friends on furniture...@ Desire To Inspire

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  1. I have two dogs and I love those photos of Luc. What a sweet puppy:) Hugs and kisses, sunshine


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