Sunday, May 15, 2011

On my mind...

A kayak from the Christmas Tree Store!?! (sold out pretty quickly)

Raised planter boxes for backyard garden. May stop at the tile store to see if they have discarded tile crates laying around, if not, the Christmas Tree Store (what is this place, weird name, lots of deals). If I end up there I am also getting the cardboard house and the covered tray for backyard picnics.

Living bamboo fence.

Vintage gray - Yep, bought the paint and tape! Preparing to paint my stripes, oh, 6 months after the idea!

Winter flannel - only a few weeks of spring weather and I am thinking of winter flannel? While I was getting my vintage gray paint mixed, Lu had picked up some paint chip samples herself. I was a shake to late, winter flannel looks sweet. Luckily I am happy with my vintage gray.

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