Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dollhouse challenge

Is it time to finish the dollhouse? I bought this bookshelf dollhouse several years ago in between owning homes. Something to create with my son and humor my decorating desires while I was renting an apartment.  Since living in our new home, I had set up the dollhouse, but my son had grown out of it and I had started decorating my own home. A couple times I rearranged furniture and looked at the supplies for finishing it.

And today, A GIANT Blog Challenge managed to find me (wink, I found them), HERE, here and here. (These gals are hilarious! Check out their blogs)

There are still things I want to do with the house: Paint inside white, Finish the shingles, Finish the 8 pieces of tile (we ran out 3 years ago and recently bought more - you see it has been on my mind). Grout. FIGURE OUT HOW TO make my Dremel (that was bought for this project) cut a side door and an attic hatch door. The first door I cut was impossibly difficult and time consuming. Add stairs. And a loft bathroom.

Or maybe I should just sit back, work on my own house, and enjoy the other dollhouse creations.

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