Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An ode to Raggedy Ann

We danced together, me holding her arms, swinging her around and around, down the hallway in our home on Chinook Cres. My soul mate, my favourite toy, my beloved Raggedy Ann. I felt she (and our family dog) were the only ones who understood me. She was my friend.

And then there was a yard sale and my sister SOLD her. I was devastated and mortified. I have no idea how this could have happened. Did I not tell my mom? Was my mom too busy to listen to me? I remember we had a box filled with toys and the kids could pay a quarter and fish for a toy. We would attach one of the toys to the fishing line and the kid wound the line in and whatever was attached became their prize. Raggedy Ann was not in this box, she was better then that. BUT how come I cannot remember how my doll got to be part of the yard sale. I know my sister did it AND on purpose. I even know who bought the doll. I saw the exchange.

In the fall of '74, when I was 7 turning 8 and had just started 3rd grade, my parents moved us to the country. For several years we returned to Chinook Cres. to attend The Sutcliff's neighborhood Christmas Party. One of those years, I went upstairs and found my Raggedy Ann laying lovingly and center front on her bed. I lay on the bed with my doll until we were called to leave. I was older then, perhaps 10 or 11 or 12, but everything I remembered about our love came back. I am sure I conspired some ideas on how to take her with me, but I couldn't steal her and clearly, she was being well taken care of. I left her on the bed. And that was the last time we went to their Christmas Party.

I told my mom the story several times throughout my childhood.  I don't remember her reaction. But one time, when I was in college, I told her about it again.  I think she finally had time to show some sympathy. Later on she gave me a gift, a new Raggedy Ann. She said she knew it couldn't replace the other one, but that this one was carefully designed and made by a local person. I took the doll. Maybe a bit late, but I appreciated her thought.

Recently I changed Lucy's crib to a bed and placed the Raggedy Ann and another raggedy type of clownish doll on her bed. The clownish doll was given to my son when he was younger. Clown was much bigger and Lucy managed to reach his leg and pull him off her bed. But she really wanted Raggedy Ann. My son didn't think she should play with Raggedy Ann. He knew the story too and was protecting her (or me). I was watching, with curiosity, on how this would pan out. Lucy accepted and walked around with the clown doll for a bit and then left him. 

This morning she managed to get Raggedy Ann off the bed and took her for a walk around the house. She may have found a friend. She was rubbing her back in this last picture.


  1. that is so cute, oh gosh. i hope it's a never ending cycle :) My favorite was a panda bear that I got when I was born from my great grandparents. I still have it and love it so much!

  2. This is such a sweet story. It's kind of like the circle of life. With ragdolls. My sister had a beloved ragdoll made by my aunt. It was made of flat stuffed circles attached through the centre with elastic. (Yeah, pretty much the worst description ever). We called her "Stretchy-Girl". My favourite toy was a crocheted lion made by another aunt.

  3. Your lovely story made me smile - hugs to the little girl who lost her doll. So nice to see your children carrying on the memories. I still have my panda bear too, it lives on and in James's bed.


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