Friday, September 16, 2011


While I decide what to do with my blog and maxed out storage space @ Picasa.  

"You are currently using 1023 MB (100%) of your 1024 MB."

Yep, I have filled up Picasa and can no longer post photos. I got lazy and stopped resizing photos. My canon SLR settings are set on LARGE. Just in case I take the perfect picture and I need to blow it up WaLL SiZE. Not so good for the bLog. But I didn't know. Until it was filled up and rejecting my posts. 

Whats a girl to do?  

(It is only 5 bucks per year to expand storage space from 1GB to 20GB.)

At least I can play with the fonts for the time being.  
Have a ROSY day.

Ah HA! I did add a bunch of pins to my boards if you are interested in pictures.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

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  1. Well, at least the font looks awesome! So youthful. Almost like an 11-year-old wrote it. And you're right...there's always pinterest.


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