Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the (kitchen) design board

Putting my ideas together on Olioboard, seeing what kind of floor may suit the items I have all but paid for.
black cork flooring

laminate bleach blond

pickle barrel hardwood by anderson



As I got better with the design board, I added white cabinets, (but was too lazy to insert&updated with all the other flooring options)
Quadra black opal tile

And this is what my kitchen will look like, floorless, because that is where I am stuck.

Source list:
Maytag EcoConserve Bottom Freezer Fridge - 18 cubic feet
Whirlpool Gold - 30" Sealed burner, gas glass top. 
IKEA NUTID forced air electric oven - 30" convection function

Corian ® Solid Surface -Flint
ECO™ by Cosentino ® -IRON ORE
Stonemark Granite -Black Pearl

West Elm prep table
American Standard Country Farmhouse sink
TwicesLoveWoodWork Etsy store -dish rack
FrenchMelody Etsy store -ladles

1 X 2 Carrara White Marble Honed Brick Mosaic 


Throwing it all together, my main inspiration photos:

via design sponge

~cook area
via remodelista

~sink area, specifically the little window and maybe the little marble 1x2 tiles.

~the pantry

~the image I want to have from the living room to kitchen; soft lighting, warmth, farmsink, white cabinets

~the french door-to-balcony look I want:
found on pinterest

The layout:

Now, off to the tile store...

post edit & post tile shop: After looking at my ideas put together on a design board, I felt that the entire look was too modern, which is not what I am aiming for. I dont HAVE a look that I am aiming for but based on my likes; perhaps it is a bit rustic, a bit minimalist, airy, open, clean, a bit modern. But mostly I dont want a LOOK. I dont want it too look new and done or modern or trendy. I want it to come together and look like it has always been that way. 

At the floor store I gravitated towards a softer rustic flooring (softer then the slate) and came home with several samples:
1) Tumbled turkish travertine ~ "Chocolate Walnut" colour 4x4 squares
2) Tumbled limestone ~"Mystic Green"colour 3x6 bricks
3) Tumbled Marble ~"Sandgate Castle Wheat" 3x6 or 6x6
4) and a 6x24 piece of porcelain ~"Cottage City Loft, dark expresso porcelain w/ a natural woody floor look.

There was nice black montauk slate in 2x2. It was nicer then my sample, a bit more black. I didnt bother bringing it home with me.

The tumbled stones and a black granite counter sample was much warmer and softer together, then the slate. The walnut chocolate turkish travertine and black granite counter was a very interesting combo.  And my kids father is turkish ....

Decisions, decisions

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