Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend update

One might ask (if they are following the kitchen renovation progress) if I decided on a tile for the kitchen, or at least narrowed down my selection...

the legs of one Maman

I did lay the 5 new samples on the floor to examine from different angles; different lighting.

But, did I decide?

Nope. Because we went looking for winter.

ITs not here where I live... yea I know, it has evaded most of its normal areas. Warm temps and hardly any snow.

Last night, after driving 3.5 hours south, on our return trip, we did hit some snow. 20 miles and so close to home, turned into an hour drive. White out. And flurries. Slowed us down a lot. But by the time we reached our driveway, the snow had eased up. 12 hours later, its gone. But that was JUST last night.

AND, that is not the winter I speak of.

We went to celebrate Winterlude in Ottawa. And we took full advantage of the -20C temps with frigid winds.

BLUE skies.

Frozen Canal.

And HAPPY people - this is me, elated, in sub zero, wind chill temperatures. Hello Ottawa. I miss you.

We brought along two other keen families.

Our goal, skate on the canal, and a few museums.


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  1. that looks so fun! especially the slide type thing.


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