Friday, July 27, 2012

Green and lush: Puerto Rico

Our early morning view from the villa. Each morning I looked at this while sipping coffee.

Flora around the villa.

 Some crazy ass radio telescope.  Yep, here in Puerto Rico. Often used in movies (Contact) due to its attention grabbing size. The drive through the mountains and up to the top was worth it. There is a short movie (18mins) and discussion and a small interactive museum. See that bridge, scientists walking to work! A trolley runs along one of the cable lines to return employees to the ground.

 Raining in the rainforest.

Thank goodness I packed bandanas - a proud mommy moment (because I didn't have rainjackets, sweaters or umbrella on me.)

 An afternoon at the beach, after hiking in the rainforest.

 A day of sailing and snorkeling.

 Picnic on the boat.


 Another hike in the rainforest. My son was disappointed there were no monkeys but he found this and really wanted me to post it.

Views from the top of Britton Peak (in the El Yunque forest). We did carry on and made it to the top of El Yunque.

I didn't lug my big camera up the mountain. To heavy and awkward to carry it and baby toddler Lu on my back. The colours may have been captured better, but my back would have broke.

 Another afternoon at the beach.

 Dinner, petite size.  (Luquillo Beach Kiosks)

Puerto Rico police force (the horse). Hey, did you know Bacardi Rum factory is here ... in P.R. that is, not this actual building in the picture. Ill have to return with an older crowd and go on that tour.

The short vacation was action packed and stress free and after this month long dry spell we really appreciated the daily isolated rain showers; looking up to the clouds and catching the raindrops with our faces.

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