Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ikea city tour #3

Prompted by a phone call last week and the impending laying kitchen floor tile, we took an impromtu road trip to Philadelphia Ikea to get the kitchen sink and cabinets. Once the contractor is able to get to my home, I decided I wanted to have enough stuff to keep him busy, keep him here and get this kitchen almost completed.

A friend happily agreed to come on the road trip, excited to tour an Ikea. The sink stuff fit in the car much better then the oven stuff/Boston Ikea tour, but we still had excess luggage and boxes which went on the roof ... thanks to the help of my road trip mate and her height making that an easy task.

Were you around in the 70's when driving in the back was ok and even encouraged (well, at least in my family)!? Lu helped me stack the boxes in the back, ate some ice cream and then took a nap. (It takes a long time to organize and load the boxes and kids and dog)

Still need to unload the car.  Build the cabinets. Pick a counter**And then one more road trip to IKEA, perhaps the one in Pittsburgh for the dishwasher, end cabinet piece and oven fan. So far we have been able to visit Boston Ikea, Philly Ikea, and Ottawa, Ontario Ikea. The Ottawa Ikea was recently revamped, actually, it was an entire rebuild.  Soon Ill be able to browse it and pick up some cool accessories.

**While in Philly, we ate at BBQ on South & 9th. Awesome concrete bar counter. First live one I have seen and it was a beauty. AM now considering.

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