Sunday, March 25, 2012

City Country

Boston last weekend: Luxurious linens, puffy duvet. Cable, cleaning service, doormen, restaurants. Lots of walking. Lots of green. Lots of festivities. Metro and buses.  Aquarium, Natural History, Harvard, Little Italy. Newbury street.  Downtown, winding narrow streets, tall buildings. Fruitstands and coffee shops. Memorials and bagpipes. Rugby matches, cheering, bangers and mash.

Camping this weekend: Pitch a tent, orienteering, fire making and capture the flag. Beaver dams and lodges, flooded swamp, 5 mile hike. Pocket knives and sticks. Whittling novices. Chopping vegetables and chicken. Tinfoil dinner. Crawl into dome, zip up feathered sleeping bag, as puffy as it was 20 years ago. Pitterpatter rain, all night long; sleeping inside a drum. Take down, clear out. Farewell.

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