Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I stumbled across Soapstone. Ordered a sample and fell in love. IT's rustic and heavy duty, with precisely chiseled edges. And beautiful.

IT arrives in the colour gray (right side) and then one applies mineral oil to it to enhance the colour (left side). Eventually, after a year, the dark deep black gray colour remains. Soapstone is dense and doesn't stain. Soapstone will be appear black with out actually being black.  Cool and warm at the same time. Soft looking, but not so soft that it will dent, we're talking rock here. Soapstone is my current #1 counter top choice. I may even throw in a soapstone sink.

Soapstone sample along side granite, silestone and corian samples

See Vermont Soapstone for standard and custom sinks and quarry'ing details.

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