Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to school

Completely irrelevant to kitchen reno, or maybe not. I did hope for the kitchen to be done before the school year started. And it's not.  We did managed to squeeze the fridge through the dinning room opening (had to hammer in the sides of the opening in order to achieve this) into kitchen. Prepping and cooking dramatically improved.  Other then the fridge finding its permanent home, not much else has happened.  Bought all the cabinets. Have all but one built. Got the lighting. Saved all the cash to pay for labour. Got the counter quote. Just need contractor to return.

In the meantime, my kids went back to school. 

Some distinct style changes, short hair to long hair and short again. High socks and low socks. Much more casual dressing as he gets older. (less mum influence?).

And a bike commuter from the beginning!

Before public school he attended Montessori. I didn't take back to school photos at that time, but this one passes for a first day kindergarten look; close enough to the beginning of school, although its the hair style and double bags we were capturing!

Before school days started life was a breeze!

Lu wanted to play too and posed for a first day of a new day care picture. As cute as her face is, the "pant leg half up" really bugs me, maybe I can photoshop it down.

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