Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo art

I have a handful of photographs that I have enlarged to 5x7 and then had a local framer plaque them.  I like them and have this idea to do this with many, many more. And then nail them to the wall, creating some kind of gallery of plaqued photos.  For now, they are stored on my window pane. Its a long, long project indeed.

Anyhow, Kodak print developing recently switched to Shutterfly and I have received a few promo deals which prompted me to re-visit my albums which reminded me of this project   And, although I plan to eventually get on with it (perhaps when the kitchen reno is completed), I realized it was time to update the three 20x16 large frames I have in my office with these current photos (pops of nature in an otherwise bland, out of home office): 

The good thing about photo art, only YOU have to like it.  The photos do not have to be professional or stunning. Pick photos that mean something to you, make you smile when you see them, or move you in some way. I cant wait to see how these look, blown up.

Speaking of neglected projects, I still have this collection of cat cards that we picked up in Paris last summer, still waiting for frames.

Check out this bloggers cool Cloud project via 6th Street Design School

A few other photo projects here and here.

How do you keep up with your photographs? All online? Develop and box them? That is mostly what I do now, when I get around to developing.

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