Saturday, September 8, 2012

Play room rug

A few weeks ago I found and bought a vintage feedsack ragrug at a flea market and I have not been able to not think of the other one I didn't choose.  Not because I liked it better, but because I wanted it as well.  And then this early morning,  extreme winds and thunderstorms in the forecast, I decided I HAD to have it.  After some pancakes and an hour drive north, skies darkening, we arrived.  I headed directly to her stand.  Glancing around at her noticeably empty stall, happy the hail had not started and they were open, confused at the barrenness of her corner. Some fumbling and mumbling of words, I managed to explain my purpose and relieved she pointed over to the other corner and there it was, draped over a block of something. YAY!

This little rug is the inspiration for the play room update, where the elder child rarely plays anymore and the younger one wreaks havoc on it. By the time I scrape off the paint and sand the floors and lay the rug, she will hopefully be a bit saner and wanting to play with toys.

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