Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two cage light options

One is found at Home Depot cage light  for 69.97.   The other at Restoration Hardware cage light for $119.00. 

I found the RH one first. Perfect for above the sink. And ties in with the beehive light I have for the main lighting. Put two in the basket, add in shipping, handling and taxes and we are well over 300 dollars. Search for other options and find the HD cage light. Suits me fine. No shipping fees and it does what I want it to do (dangle and protect the bulb and ties in with the other light).  But there is one small difference that is making me lean towards the other... the cord colour. Hmmmmmm.

Which one do you like better? Any more out there?

 Ohhh lala, I found another beauty, for admiring purposes only ... here & here. If I didnt have electrical holes for two, already in place, this would be a strong contender.

And another here.

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