Thursday, November 1, 2012

Click, click

I really want a new camera and when mine broke on Oct 8th, it sucked because it was prime fall colours time. BUT I secretly thought, yay, its time. Save for bigger and better camera and soon I will be taking photos as pretty as some of the ones I see online. Filtered light, lots of light, depthness, brightness.  All those good things.

Posting photos is part of the motivation of this blog.  I've always liked taking pictures. I think I do ok at outdoor, nature and kids shots.  Composition. Not bad. Close ups. Ok. But then I discovered interior blogs and indoor shooting, styled homes, vignettes. Well, I wanted to take beautiful pictures of my home too; so my kitchen can look as beautiful as the ones I have seen online.

Once in a while, since the camera broke, I picked it up and tried it out. Still not clicking. And this morning, I picked it up and turned it around to figure out what kind of Canon Rebel it was, so I can look for a better one.

Opening it up and turning it around, trying one more time, but this time a bit more forceful ... and then I hear that familiar sound. The sound of the button holding and the timer starting. And there you have it, camera no longer broken. Pictures to take and post.  Photo skills to learn. I change the settings while clicking, but when I load them, I have forgotten which setting I had it on (insert roll eyes here). How am I ever to learn!

Maybe a new lens will do. And a mini tripod.

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