Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snapshots - Christmas part 1

I'm going to sneak this post in, but date it back to its actual time.  I hadn't a chance to let all the Christmas memories sink in, let alone look at the photos. Now, looking back, I'm feeling nostalgic, even though it was only a few weeks ago!  Maybe going on a big vacation just after Christmas isn't such a good idea. It sort of shadows all the fun of Christmas time.

Seriously exhausted kids! Wow, we did all these traditional preparations in our home; making gifts and decorations and then drove to Canada for Christmas!

We finally got snow a few days before we were to drive to Canada. I had to strategically park in my driveway (back in), before snow fell. But I didn't.  Our plan was, soccer game at 12:30 and head to Canada after. Snow started to fall sometime in the night. I shoveled in the morning and then debated about backing the car up & packing, but it was too early to pack and the snow plow had not come yet. I wanted the snow plow to clear the front.

The snow was wet and heavy. I called the soccer club and the game was on. Not much else to do but wonder about how much snow would fall, so we headed out an hour early. Snow plow came, flattened the snow that I had shoveled and messed up my traction (gravel). Stuck in driveway, rocked and cursed my way out. A slip on a road, an accident on the opposite bound traffic, I wondered about this soccer game. But the forecast indicated the snow would slow and then cease in the afternoon. Limited visibility on the highway, 30miles/hr, I got off, drove around the city streets while debating whether we should just head north. Filled gas tank, slushy roads but strong traction. Regained confidence. Made it to the game. Boy scores a goal! And just as aforecasted, the game ended and the snow turned to light light flurries. And the rest of the 4 hour drive was smooth.

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