Friday, December 21, 2012

A recap

I injured my shoulder a while ago. In August, swinging at a green furry ball. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time, maybe a pulled muscle or strained tendon.  A few months later and the pain had escalated. Did I dislocate my shoulder? What could cause so much pain? Rotary cuff damage? I'm not sure what triggered the 8 scale pain during that time, but I finally took an Aleve and laid down with a an ice pack wedged between my neck and shoulder. This actually helped. The next day, and there after, the shoulder pain decreased.  A few months later, pain is milder but still there. Mobility is low. I tried painting the wall in the kitchen, but quit that after I realized lifting arm above head wasn't going to work.  A few weeks later, I swung my arm around my child to embrace him. A swing similar to the swing in the tennis match that initially caused the pain. THAT HURT. My arm does not move that way. Dislocation and the thoughts of rebreaking shoulder to fix it creeps through my mind. (Going to doctor is an option, I suppose, but I'm not convinced about that, yet. Maybe a 2013 goal)

Anyhow, an attempt at painting the last kitchen wall, foiled, was the last house fixing up thing I have done.

I would like to see the lighting installed. I've got that packaged in boxes around the house. And the exotic wood shelf that is supposed to go above the oven, but remains stored on the dining room floor. Choosing a backsplash would get things rolling. And finding a reclaimed wood board to house my plates above the sink would be sweet. 

Until then, a 2012 recap is in order. (Disclaimer, listed points may not be in actual order of occurrence)

** Last January, unusually warm temperatures led me to call a stump crusher. He came. He crushed.  And then he became my full time contractor.

** We started w/ some electrical work in the kitchen,on this wall below.


** Ordered the fridge and cooktop from AJ Madison. Lived in a bit of chaos, while the appliances overtook the living room, boxes of cabinets stuffed under beds, and in spare rooms.

** We changed a regular door to a hidden sliding door to the half bath.

** Then we took out the huge 48x70 rotting window and replaced it with custom made french doors. Leading to a "Parisian Balcony" that was also built.

** Tiled the kitchen and bathroom floor.

** Took three trips to different cities (Ottawa,Boston,Philly) to buy the Ikea kitchen cabinets and oven and sink.

** Worked on a rock patio extension to the pea gravel patio. Did a little more landscaping.

** Took down a old tv shelf (previous owners) in my sons room. Painted the wall sky blue.

** Tweaked the half bath

** Updated nursery to little girls room.

** Craigslisted off the old appliances.

** Painted a few walls in the kitchen. The wall above, yeah, thats the one I need to paint. Thats the one that told me my shoulder still doesn't work.

** Finished the electrical in the kitchen.

** Built the cabinets.  Ordered the counter, installed the cabinets. Installed the counter.  Installed the drawers and fronts. Woot, a kitchen!

Looking for pictures to stick in between the items, well its now a before and after post as well as a recap.  I have never done the before and after pictures of the kitchen, so consider this a sneak peak and hopefully a full reveal in the new year.   The commitment took place in Jan 2011. A before tease, Jan 2011 and the gutting, end of Feb 2011 - almost 2 years ago.  But this is a recap of 2012, where most of the rebuilding and planning and decision making happened.   

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