Thursday, May 24, 2012

Backyard update

Defeated not, I took advantage of a non-scheduled evening last night; darted over to Lowes for some landscaping purchases.  After failed attempts on the weekend (including research, farmers markets and other landscaping options) and not wanting to wait a minute longer, I chose the other route, buying what was available and what was instantly pleasing and would hopefully create a layered green corner.

Our picks, maybe not all so green, but colour is always good.

Motivated and started digging, things are coming together.

Some WIP, and current comparison pictures...the entire back of the house last fall, building the pea gravel patio

Sept 2011

Oct 2011
In the above pictures you can see a huge "bad" maple tree.  Mid-snowless winter, I called up a stump crusher to remove the bad tree and clump, opening up the north side of house.
Jan 2012
Jan 2012

Added a "Parisian Balcony" and slide in March.
March 2012

The past few weeks work has been focused on that stumpless corner and opening (will have to take a full rear house picture). I planted some bleeding hearts and lily of the valley on the north side of house, beyond the temporary gate. Placed a couple huge stepping stones under the temporary gate. I need a few more large stones, which will lead into the dry stream bed.  And last night, the shade tree (for the bleeding hearts)  and shrubs for the layered corner.

May 2012

I also picked up a rose for another corner of the house. Last year there was a dead rotted bush, Stump Crusher cleared that out too.

There is still lots to do, including calling in stump crusher again (a few clumps growing in the side fence), replacing fence and most pressing, getting a new spade ...

I survived a scratch to my collar bone. Luckily the shovel didn't snap into my face. The other plants, hopefully will survive a few days in their pots.

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