Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fridge ✓; cooktop ✓

Discovering a frozen watermelon in the fridge this fine morning was good enough reason to finally purchase a few more appliances.  Fridge had been acting up for a while, but I was holding out, waiting for the tile to be laid. After having my appliance picks sitting in storage the shopping cart for MONTHS, I am soon, one less frozen and soured fruit away from an accessorized kitchen.

I had tried buying the fridge a few months ago too, when I discovered a state wide rebate program. 350$ rebate for a new Tier III energy saver fridge. The fridge I have wanted IS a Tier III energy saver, but while I went home to confirm one last time that the measurements would work, 10,000 other people went and bought a Tier III appliance. The 3.5 million dollar program SOLD OUT IN A DAY. Nuts!

But this morning, with a frozen watermelon in one hand and a few more days to wait for the tile to be laid, I decided to buy now and take the 15% discount AND two 40$ rebates being offered, one that would end today. There was no ifs about my selection; I have been eying this sweet bottom drawer freezer, for sometime.  Although the kitchen is not ready, there is room in my living room for a fridge along with the oven that has been sitting there for a few months.

And the cooktop, well that was in the shopping cart too and is now on its way! When my contractor/electrician had come a few months ago, we discovered a gas line led directly below where I wanted to relocate my cook area. Perfect. Gas cooktop was my preference but I wasn't going to extremes to make that happen. And then I discovered a GLASS on GAS cooktop, and fell off my chair. Sleek and cool and clean.  I had called into Ikea to make sure their cabinets could handle other appliances, compared the instructions versus Framtid stove versus the cooktop and it should all fit together. Ikeas appliances, although funny names, are made by Whirlpool and so is the cooktop I ordered, so that should make for a seamless fit.

A round up of kitchen things stored throughout my house, everywhere BUT in the kitchen:

Tile ✓ - a 12x18 Daltile, Asian black porcelain.
Chosen for its size and price. I originally wanted 6x6 slate, but was tiring myself out and didn't want to spend a minute more thinking about flooring. Found this and decided a LARGER size would work great. Weight of porcelain and hopefully ease of installing it were huge factors. 
Oven ✓ - 30" Framtid, Ikea
Chosen for its KNOBS!!!!! I didnt want an electronic panel.

Cabinets ✓ (50%) - white birch, Ikea. 
Drawn to Ikea for its varied sizes, widths, options, $$ AND able to create layout first and then select drawer front rather then having to choose a drawer front first and then see if it has the cabinets you need (ugh), will not mention that big box store, I like them for other things.

Fridge ✓ - Maytag Ecoconserve, 18 cubic feet.
How could I NOT choose this sweet Fridge. Chosen for its extra SUPER ECOCONSERVE POWERS!!! And lower pull out drawer freezer. And reversible door. And perfect size for my kitchen. I'll being taking advantage of the reversible door and swinging out to the left.

Cooktop ✓ -  30" Whirlpool Gold, Glass on Gas. 
Need I say more. Actually, I was fusing about the knob placement, hope I get used to that. And the empty space in the middle, but that should be useful for a jar of wooden spoon. I do like the simmer burner AND the POWER burners, cast iron grates and ease of sliding pot full of goodness across the seamless grates

Got everything. Yep, everything but the kitchen sink.

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  1. it's going to look goooooood!!! thank you for your congrats btw!!


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