Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 hour time slot

Well, the fridge arrived yesterday. On schedule, although a few hours after the scheduled time slot (love the fridge, didn't realize the sides would be black. That's o.k.)

My living room is full, half of it.

But this is not about kitchen appliances, its about ME. Its about the four hours I had all to myself, in my own house, waiting for the fridge.  4 hours to do leisurely, whatever, whenever. A little bit of weeding, a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of organizing, a few buckets of pea gravel. I tried, again, to put the bike carrier onto the bike. Gave up. A few times.  And then, realizing the delivery may not come at the beginning of the time slot, I aborted my other plans of going to fabric store, going for a jog, walking the dog and instead, I decided to embrace my time away from the office, forced to be at home.  I kicked back and watched a movie.

Happy, Happy. Indeed. Nothing better then an afternoon matinee in your own living room. I decided I should take off 4 hours every week in the middle of the day; Maintain the house. Feed my soul.

It will be a few weeks, actually a month, before the floor goes in. Met contractor a few days ago. Took  measurements for the radiant floor. Discussed a plan. Contractors main business is cutting grass and his fruit stand. Yes, he has a fruit stand! He uses Monday and Friday for other work. He is booked out for three weeks. Takes two weeks for the radiant floor to be ordered and delivered.

In the meantime, to keep me occupied, I've compiled a little list of other things to do:

~Update sleeping porch - curtains, rearrange furniture, move toys out, wash floor.
~Watch my tomatoes grow.
~Put cabinets together - which will fill up any unused space in the living room.
~Make a hair appointment.
~Collect all my picture frames, paint them black and display on mantel.
~Contemplate the benefits and satisfaction results of painting fireplace white. Again.
~Try again, to get that bike carrier onto bike. argh.

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