Sunday, April 22, 2012

Half, half-bath update

Motivated by the arrival of my new wire basket and hook storage unit, the half bath got an interim update.

I spotted this beauty on pinterest.  There was another one I had eyed a year ago, but the cost was prohibitive. I guessed/hoped my wall measurement was 23", (I mean how smaller could a bathroom be?!) and purchased right away.  Well, half an inch smaller I discovered when I went home and measured.  I hoped someone had a faulty tape measure, and if not that, I imagined myself rewiring the end of the baskets so I could squish them in.

Squishing and rewiring were not necessary, thankfully there was a wood plank that extended each side of the baskets. An easy fix with a saw and sandpaper.

Anxious to get it on the wall and store some pretty things on it, I decided to use up some DOVE WHITE paint I had on hand. Bought this for my living room, but didn't LOVE the contrast with Chantilly Lace trim. The paint designer had suggested this white as it had a gray tint which may go well with my gray striped wall. Nope, not the white on white contrast I was looking for. BUT it looks good in the bathroom. More creamy and warm, then cool and gray.

 Initially, I was going in to paint ONLY what was needed so I could install the wire basket (impetuous, am I?). But the wood frame around the window had always bothered me, so I spent the day giving my bathroom a much needed update.

Interim update you wonder? This half bath is off of the kitchen. The kitchen is mid renovation, waiting for a floor. The half bath will get a new floor at the same time, and a new toilet and sink and medicine cabinet. And I was going to wallpaper the top half of the bathroom. I bought this beautiful wallpaper  6+ months ago, when it dropped 50% in price. I still love the wallpaper, but this is what happens when you get things to soon in advance of actually doing the work. Other ideas occur.  I love this antique wire basket and displaying some of my neglected collectibles but not sure how it will look with a colourful back drop ... for the time being we can enjoy the white paint!

 And while I painted the top half of bathroom, little people were painting just outside the door.

Peace, folks.

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