Monday, September 19, 2011

Half bath: eensy-weensy bit of an update

It is easy and fun to put together a design board. And even more fun when you create one and it is perfect! It is a bit harder to follow through with it when other rooms and design elements and construction are connected.

The idea sat there idling for quite a while. I was neither ready to buy anything due to the half bath being connected to the kitchen renovation. Nor was I ready to commit myself to it, being too far in advance of the kitchen ever getting done.

Last week I noticed the wallpaper (flora & fauna @ Anthropologie) was on sale (thanks to my approaching birthday and browsing gift ideas for myself, yay me)!  A good time to order a sample, which arrived very quickly, Saturday morning before soccer.  It took a second or two to determine that it did not fail in real. While watching an exciting soccer game, I ran my fingers over the fuzzy black lines and determined that the blue was true to image online and an excellent hue.

The sample was propped up on the wall between the medicine cabinet and corner. Again, it took all of a fraction of a second to confirm my love for it in the bathroom. I took some measurements (something I don't care to do UNTIL I am ready to buy) and used the online calculator to see how many rolls I needed.

1 roll ~ Hooray.  Yay, small bathroom with a window, door and medicine cabinet.
$148.00 69.00 Half price ~ Hooray.

Actually this is big news. Really, it is one of the main elements in the room. And once the paper arrives, I might go ahead and get the other things (toilet, sink) and check out some tile and sort out the flooring. I don't want to remove the old toilet until I have flooring to put down. This may have been the kick start I needed.

And ... apparently I like blue in a bathroom.

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