Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whatever happened to the kitchen renovation?

Look way up. Way, way up (Did you ever watch Mr. Dressup as a kid, or perhaps the re-runs?).

Way up on the top of my tower shelf, sits a box. And in the box sits some twisted black fabric cord, a brass socket, cage and edison bulb. That's one task light that goes above the sink, in the kitchen. Got that a month ago. Or longer. Who's counting?  Instead of dropping buckets of money on a beautiful vintage find, I decided to cheap out and find something similar and landed on Ebay.

The cord was long enough that all I needed was another socket and cage to make the 2nd task light. Check, finally ordered that the other day. Once that arrives, maybe I can persuade my contractor to install some of these details. Eggnog anyone?

While we are looking up, lets look over here, at my Christmas cactus, pretty in pink. Moved from my now x-office location, to my home. Hopefully a better environment for him.

Any how, details, details. That is what happened.  I have the lighting stored in boxes and a beautiful piece of exotic wood for a spice shelf wrapped and laying flat on the floor.   I still need to decide on the backsplash and door knobs. These items are most critical. A chimney vent would help. A dishwasher and baseboards would finish it off.  But the guts of the kitchen, thats working really well for us.

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