Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I sense a little pink in the air, so here we go.   This is last years easy heart cutout construction paper cards we made for my sons class. This year, we bought the drugstore kind. And a bag of chocolate kisses and strawberries to pass out. They are happy, I'm happy.  

For some family love, we thought of going to a fondue restaurant but that doesn't fit in with the 5 day cleanse I am in the middle of (Day 2: going good, besides the cleanse concoction, just licking spoons). We thought of taking the kids to a self-serve yogurt shoppe; one dollop of yogurt, 2 pounds of candy topping. The ambiance would be festive and they would be happy.  BUT then I saw this...

I love candy. I love cake.  Yummy.  So we made it.

Mine is pales compared to the one in the link, but it was fun and still yummy!

Time is of essence, so I just bought a box of cake mix and a tub of pink frosting and the candy hearts. After all, I can't eat it, and the kids will like it just the same.  At least I get to lick the spoons. And forks. And plates.

While we are on the pink topic, these sheets.  LOVE THEM, WANT THEM. I was recently reminded of them. Had an opportunity to sleep in them a few years ago @ an airbnb rental. The bed was divine; I pulled back the fitted sheet to find the label and see what I needed to do to recreate the scene in my own room.  How did I forget! Maybe I couldn't decided between the the rosewater vs. dove gray. Or maybe I was uncommitted to the king size bed and wanted to downsize to queen? Whatever, the sheets are back on my wishlist.

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