Monday, February 11, 2013

Task light

Once upon a time I had an idea for the kitchen lighting. That failed. I re-thought the lighting and was inspired by these beautiful industrial lights from long ago (the white socket tulip bulb one is so pretty, I still fancy it). But I didn't want to spend a fortune, you know, in case I changed my mind or it didn't look as beautiful in my house. OR it did look beautiful but I had to sell the house and the new people didn't have the same appreciation. A little bit of brain storming, practicality and research landed me on ebay and I found something similar. I really liked the black twisty cord, the machine aged cage and the dull matte finished brass socket.  I ordered, it arrived and sat in a box on a shelf for a long, long while.

I debated between one task light versus two. The cord was long enough to create a second light and eventually I hunted down another matte finished brass socket (there are lots of shiny ones available, but no room in my house for shiny.) and a cage. When this package arrived, the cage was TOO new looking and I don't own a machine that ages metal.  Luckily I had also decided I may like to swap out the cages for some colour and had ordered two yellow cages.

My handy contractor put the second one together and installed the lights. I tested the switch and there you have it, cool industrial like task lights with some sunny yellow colour. And wallet still in the black.  The two brass sockets are a bit different, one having a pull chain, the other a turn key. Some edison bulbs to enhance the industrial look and set soothing atmosphere. The two other cages I have will be spray painted, black perhaps.

Check out 1000bulbs for all your electrical needs and industrial light building.

See here (post and link to come) for links and research and other ideas.

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  1. Nice bulbs, agree with Ebay for finding low cost versions of oonz you see in mag's like Restoration Hardware.

    Thanks for sharing your home projects, hope the snow melts soon, off to read more!


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