Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lighting, again

Yesterday I mentioned the lighting had arrived. And they did, in all their enormity. The pendants are huge, bigger then I was able to envision with the pictures and written dimensions that I scoured over online.  I was drawn to its organic shape and cage and decided to go for it.  I had fallen in love with it before but never thought about it for my kitchen. After the floor was laid I was informed electrical was the next step.  I was hoping to avoid having to make any more decisions and thought I could do that last, at my leisure.  Nope.  Noway. Not wanting to delay the project any more, I returned to all my pinned kitchen inspiration and concentrated on the lighting. I remembered this light, checked it out and realized it would look beautiful in the kitchen and tie everything together.

The size posted here is medium. I was going for two mediums and one large. The large was meant to be in the corner of my L shaped area, flanked by two mediums creating a triangle.  The large was on back order and I immediately cancelled it.  I now just have two and I have to figure out a different lighting configuration. One part of the ceiling in the kitchen is a foot lower then the rest.  And the medium barely fits there.  Perhaps it will be ok and I can just order another medium. If not, I'm leaning towards one medium light flanked by two spotlights. And I can install the 2nd medium light over the stairway upstairs.  Its open up there and may cast an interesting shadow, or at least, light it up really well.  And I can admire its "glamority" every morning when I make my way down.

Why don't I order a small you wonder? Yeah, having a large and medium size may imply there is a small, but nope. No small size to order.

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